The 9 Minute Video Guide to Group Retirement Plan Fees

Watch This If You Want To Help Your Employees Avoid Running Out Of Money During Retirement

Do you know how many years of your employees’ retirement will be lost to high, hidden fees in your group retirement plan? Did you know that there is broad range of fees that are arbitrarily charged and buried in legalese? Do you know how to identify these fees and help protect your employees from having their retirement funds eaten away?

If you offer an employee group retirement plan of any kind, watch our video guide and use the checklist to identify those high, hidden fees. Help your employees ensure they don’t run out of money during retirement.

About Canada's Best Pension Plan

The founders of Canada’s Best Pension Plan have served Canadian business owners since 1993. We understand the positive impact a well-constructed compensation plan can have on overall business performance. We understand the real-world impact of employee turnover, absenteeism and the overall health of the organization on morale and the bottom line. And we understand that the best businesses are the ones that constantly strive to grow and improve in every area.

Because of our perspective, we don’t see employee compensation as functioning within a vacuum. We believe a well planned and executed total compensation approach is critical in achieving the overall mission of the business.

We hope you’ll find The 9 Minute Video Guide to Group Retirement Plan Fees unique and extremely useful!

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