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What Is Canada's Best Pension Plan?

Canada's Best Pension Plan is a registered insurance agent backed by PPI Advisory. We specialize as consultants for Canadian group retirement and pension plans, group benefits, and advanced insurance strategies for business owners.

What If We Already Have An Insurance Agent Who Does This For Us?

Most group retirement and pension plans in Canada already have an insurance agent who helped set up the plan. If your insurance agent is in frequent communication with you and your employees, does regularly scheduled reviews throughout the year, continuously surveys the market for improved services, has the expertise to review investment performance in detail ... and fully discloses ALL fees with full transparency ... then there is no need to change agents. You're in good hands.

Do We Have To Move Our Plan To Work With You?

No. If your group retirement or pension plan is managed by any insurance company in Canada, then we will work with you to improve your existing plan in-place.

What Are Your Fees And How Do You Get Paid?

We get paid as a percentage of the total value of the group retirement or pension plan. This is how all insurance agents are paid, including the agent or bank sales person you work with now. The difference with Canada's Best Pension Plan is we will fully disclose all fees so you know exactly what we're getting paid so you can judge whether or not you and your employees are getting value for the fees you're paying.