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Global BC New Employer Health Tax

First Potential Casualties of the BC Employer Health Tax

The first installments for the new BC Employer Health Tax are due on June 15, 2019. According to Global News, small businesses might already be …

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Do Your Employees Value Your Company’s Group Retirement Plan?

Sometimes group benefits and retirement plans can get ignored by employees, even though they can make up a substantial part of their total compensation. Here …

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Increase Employee Retention & Retirement Plan Performance Without Breaking the Bank

Thanks to recent advances in technology, there are new options available for employers who want to offer cost-effective, high performing group retirement plans to their …

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Does Your Group Retirement Plan Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Hidden Fees?

Canadians pay among the highest investment fees in the world, and these fees can hit employers even harder than employees. Canadians Pay High Investment Fees …

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How to Reduce Payroll Taxes in BC (New Taxes in January 2019)

In 2018, the NDP government in British Columbia unleashed a new wave of taxes aimed at business owners. Here’s how you can minimize the damage. …

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professional Investment experience

Unlike most Retirement Plan and Benefits consultants, we were money managers first. Canada's Best Pension Plan was founded by asset managers from one of Canada's largest financial institutions. We use our deep understanding of the financial markets, fees and taxes to make sure our clients are getting the best investment experience available.

strategic tax planning

Over 40 years of combined experience has taught us that taxes can be the difference between success and failure of a plan. Whether payroll tax, corporate tax or personal tax, we will work with your tax advisor to ensure you're getting the best advice.

business owner focus

The founders of Canada's Best Pension Plan have worked with business owners and their families for decades. Our group retirement, benefits and insurance services are built to support business growth and the successful exit or transition from owner to the next generation.

real-world progress

It seems like there is more information than ever out there and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. Our proprietary review service ensures that you are always informed about the progress of your plans and what it means to you.

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