How much do hidden commissions cost you and your employees?

Save Your Employees From A Failed Retirement

We help pension and group retirement plan members keep more of their money for retirement by working with Canada's largest insurance companies to uncover hidden broker commissions, high fees and undisclosed bonuses.

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If you offer a group pension or savings plan for your organization, this is for you.

Whether you're a private business owner, C-suite executive, union leader or first nations council member, we can help you find, reduce and eliminate the hidden fees that your employees are paying in your pension or group retirement plan ... and help save them from running out of money during retirement.


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More Money For A Better Retirement

Here's an insider's secret:

Insurance companies offer cash incentives to insurance brokers to move group retirement and pension plans ... or even to keep them where they are.

If your organization's pension or group retirement plan is with any of the top plan providers in Canada, there's a good chance these incentives have been paid out to your broker ... and your employees paid for it with their retirement savings!

With one phone call we can tell you the impact these hidden fees have, and how to fix it.

What We Will Do For You

We will review your group plan for every and any opportunity to disclose hidden charges, reduce fees and improve services for all plan members. Here's how:

Step 1 - A Quick Look

We review your current plan by asking a few important questions and going through the details of your Plan Member Booklet.

Step 2 - Opportunities

If we find opportunities to eliminate hidden charges, reduce fees or improve service, we'll let you know in writing.

Step 3 - Authorization

If you or your board wants us to take a closer look, we'll ask you to sign a letter that authorizes us to discuss your group plan with every large insurance carrier in Canada.

Step 4 - Tell Your Employees The Good News

We report back with all the cost reductions, fee savings and increased services that are available to you. If you choose to accept any of their offers, we become your new consulting agent and get to work on slashing costs, lowering fees and improving services for all members of the plan.

here's what to do next ...

Use Our Experience To Help Save Your Employees From A Failed Retirement

We can find opportunities to help your employees keep more of their money and get better services with just a few key questions and a review of your Pension or Group Retirement Member Booklet.

There is no charge for this service. Why? Because we believe in demonstrating value first before asking for your business.

When you click the "Book A Call Now" button below you will see a very short form to help us make sure our services are right for you and your organization.

After completing this short form, you will get access to our calendar to book a convenient time for a call back.

During our call we will ask you a few more questions, and if you give us the go-ahead we'll get to work on reviewing your member booklet.

These few minutes of your time could positively impact the lives of your employees and their families for years to come. Click the button below to book your call right now.

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3 Ways To Save

Group Savings & Pension Plans

Get a customized, efficient and powerful group retirement or pension plan, backed by the largest insurance companies in Canada. We make sure your organization can attract the best talent, take care of those who are already there, and help retiring members see a brighter future.

Group Benefit Plans

Tired of health benefit plan costs sneaking up on you because of a lack of communication from your benefits insurance broker? We were too! That's why we created a continuous review process to make sure our clients never experience "payroll shock". Call us if you're tired of surprises and you want to make sure you're getting the best value for your money.

Executive Insurance

If you are the majority owner of your business or someone who is key to the company's survival, our Executive Insurance Review is for you. Make sure a surprise tax bill or untimely death doesn't throw your partners, colleagues and stakeholders into chaos. Call us if you want to BE SURE you have all your bases covered.

Wonder If High Fees Are Lurking In Your Plan?

High fees are a major reason why people run out of money in retirement. 

Even worse is when there are hidden broker commissions that get in the way of making a good decision, affecting the lives of everyone in the plan.

Your people are counting on you. Help them out by watching this eye opening video and booking a call with us today.

About Our Friendly People

At Canada’s Best Pension Plan we have around 70 years of combined experience working with business owners, union members, and every-day people who just want to make sure they have enough money to live their best lives. Here's a little bit about us:

Chris Saunders

Chris Saunders

founder & President

For 25 years while working with with Canada’s largest banks and investment firms, Chris advised business owners, organizations, and personal clients on how to manage their insurance, wealth and employee retirement benefit programs.

Recognizing that advice gaps existed with traditional investment and insurance firms, Chris co-founded Canada's Best Pension Plan to build the best pension and benefit plans available for employers and employees in Canada today.

Richard Hughes

co-founder & CEO

For over 16 years, Richard has helped business owners and high net worth investors manage their personal finances. While working with one of Canada’s largest asset managers, Richard was responsible for managing nearly $250million in assets.

Before co-founding Canada’s Best Pension Plan, Richard was the local director for a major Private Bank.

Richard lives in Vancouver, BC and loves all things entrepreneurial.

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